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Vegan Criminology Classroom

Vegan criminology focuses on animal rights and the rights of those attempting to protect animals. Topics of interest include environmental threats, exploiting animals in entertainment, sport, and experimentation, the role of patriarchy, the legal status of animals, and the widespread acceptance of treating animals as food.

This site includes two classrooms, one more "open" than the other. The "Vegan Criminology - Open Access" course is work in progress, with more questions than answers. Much of the course is in outline form, adopting the following principles:

  • DIY
  • Teaching Without Borders
  • Open - Not all links are durable.

The "Vegan Criminology - Closed Access" course is much more focused. While many of the same topics are covered, this course is designed for a more scholarly environment. Visitors with the opportunity to integrate topics related to Animals in Criminology in high school or university classes are welcome to borrow liberally, although library access will be required to view many of the closed access journal articles included in the syllabus. This course is also presented in outline form, adopting the following principles:

  • Design as a typical 15-week course.
  • Rely on scholarly research, open-access when possible.
  • Encourage scholars to adopt and refine.

Please visit this page to access the courses.


Animals and Crime at the American Society of Criminology 2005 - 2017

With a few exceptions among green and critical criminologists, criminology has not focused on violence against non-human animals. While there are several notable publications, and a few conference presentations each year, the theoretical foundation is limited and the boundaries of criminological study regarding animals are poorly defined.

In preparation for the 2017 Annual Meetings of the American Society of Criminology, the final programs for ASC conferences from 2005 through 2017 were searched for key terms related to animals, food, and farms. Environmental crime is also included, primarily related to advocacy on behalf of animals and the environment.

An annotated Excel file listing the number of presentations, categorized by key themes, and saved for the web, can be viewed here.

Search terms: animal, farm, food