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Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach

Animal Rights The Abolitionist Approach ...and Abolition Means Veganism!

  • The Trans Rights Issue: Equality Claims and Belief Claims
    by Gary L. Francione on August 2, 2023 at 5:16 pm

    Note: Principle Five of the Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights maintains human rights and nonhuman rights are inextricably intertwined and that: Abolitionists reject all forms of human discrimination, including racism, sexism, heterosexism, ageism, ableism, and classism—just as they reject speciesism. Many Abolitionists have asked me about what the Abolitionist position is about transphobia. The answer Related posts: Woke Animal Rights Means No Animal Rights, Part 2: Wokeabulary Human Rights and Animal Rights: Perfect Together Veganism: It’s Not Just a Animal Rights Issue You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Vegan Society “Ambassador” Claims That Promoting Veganism as a Moral Baseline “Damages” Animals Thought of the Day: Human Rights and Animal Rights–Inextricably Intertwined

    by Gary L. Francione on July 20, 2023 at 2:22 pm

    My essay, Are You a Vegan or Are you an Extremist?, published in Think (Cambridge University Press/The Royal Institute of Philosophy) is now available online. Related posts: “Philosophy Bites” Audio Interview on Abolition Published My Interview On Philosophy Bites Vegan Philosophy in Spain! Guest Essay: Dear Vegan Feminists, Where Are You? An Open Letter Essay on Domestication and Pet Ownership

  • Animal Advocacy and Effective Altruism: A Review of ‘The Good It Promises, The Harm It Does’
    by Gary L. Francione on July 20, 2023 at 2:07 pm

    By Prof. Gary Francione Effective Altruism (EA) maintains that those of us who are more affluent should give more to solve the problems of the world, and we should give to the organisations and individuals who are effective at solving those problems. There are a not inconsiderable number of criticisms that can be and have Related posts: Effective Animal Rights Advocacy—in Three Easy Steps Upcoming Abolitionist Approach Podcast on Effective Animal Rights Advocacy: A Preview The Death of Activism and the Rise of Branding Spectacle in Animal Advocacy Violent Imagery in Animal Advocacy Animal Rights: Marginalized By The “Animal Movement”

  • Is Eating Plants as Morally Objectionable as Eating Animals?
    by Gary L. Francione on January 19, 2023 at 7:34 pm

    On my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, I often receive comments to the effect that we cannot morally distinguish animal foods from plant foods. Some comments are made by those who maintain that plants are sentient and, therefore, are not morally different from sentient nonhumans. This argument, which ranks up there with “But Hitler was a vegetarian,” is tiresome, pathetic, and Related posts: A Frequently Asked Question: What About Plants? Eating Animals: Our “Choice”? “Happy Meat:” Making Humans Feel Better About Eating Animals Is the Domestication of Animals Morally Justifiable? The Real Reason For Interest in Plant Sentience Has Nothing to Do With Plants

  • Why I Did Not Sign the Montreal Declaration on Animal Exploitation
    by Gary L. Francione on October 4, 2022 at 12:48 pm

    I was invited on several occasions to sign the Montreal Declaration on Animal Exploitation. I appreciate that the drafters asked me to sign but, for the following reasons, I am unable to do so. First, the Declaration Does Not Reject All Animal Use What is the end — the ultimate goal — envisaged by the Declaration? The Declaration purports to seek Related posts: Enabling Animal Exploitation The Problem: “Animal Advocates” Who Promote Animal Exploitation Welfare Reform Campaigns, Single-Issue Campaigns, and Animal Exploitation: Perfect Together Blessing Exploitation Imagine If There Were a Real “Animal Rights” Movement

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